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Benjamin Walker



Benjamin Walker (November 25, 1913) is the truncated pen name of George Benjamin Walker, who also writes under the pseudonym Jivan Bhakar. He is a British citizen, and an Indian-born author on religion and philosophy, and an authority on esoterica in all its curious forms.
He was born George Benjamin Walker, in Calcutta (Kolkata), the son of Dr Simeon Benjamin Walker, M.D., and Mary Emily Fordyce, both of Pune, (Poona), India. His father was descended from a long line of Polish Jews who fled to India as refugees during the Russian pogrom in Moldavia in the 1790s. In India they became part of the Bene Israeli community as rabbis and community leaders.
Dr Simeon Walker (1873-1928) carried out a great deal of humanitarian work, in India, establishing a centre of studies called The Hall of Literature, Science and Hygiene that was formally opened by the Gaekwar of Beroda (Vadodara) in 1900. The building was accidentally burned to the ground in 1902, along with thousands of books, manuscripts and official documents in Sanskrit, Marathi, Gujarati, Hebrew, and English, many of which had been contributed by scholars and old families who desired to contribute to this enterprise. Simeon