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Daeg Faerch



Daeg Faerch (pronounced /ˈdeɪɡ ˈfɛrk/; born September 30, is a Danish-Canadian actor of Danish origin. His credits include a comedic role in Will Smith's Hancock (2008) and, most notably, in the horror remake Halloween (2007). Faerch has also played in theatrical productions of Grapes of Wrath in which he played the role of Winfield, Marat/Sade in which he played the role of young Herald, Waiting for Godot playing the messenger, and Shakespeare Unabridged as a musical guest rapper. He has several Shakespeare productions under his belt, including Coriolanus, in which he played young Coriolanus, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Hamlet. He also landed the role of Pincegurre in the French play L'Impromptu de Théophile, as well as a role in the comedy The Nerd, in which he played the character Thor Waldgrave.
Faerch, the son of actress Mickey Faerch (born May 10, 1956, Copenhagen), began screenwriting as early as age eight when he wrote a 15-page script entitled "Duel". The movie, directed and edited by Faerch himself, involves pirates and vampires. In 2008, Faerch sold his latest short script to a film production company for their film/TV series.
He is a Boy Scout, speaks French, and