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Discovery's Shark Week 2009 - Clip: Shark After Dark

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Discovery's Shark Week 2009
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People have long been fascinated with the ocean’s apex predator. But before 1916, average Americans knew very little about sharks. It was that year sharks made headlines as the New Jersey shore became a feeding ground, when five people were attacked in 12 days, triggering a nationwide panic. It was the first multiple shark attack in American history, and the reason we fear sharks to this day. BLOOD IN THE WATER is a gripping two-hour drama that brings to life the true story that inspired Jaws, and kicks off this year’s SHARK WEEK on Sunday, August 2, 2009, at 9PM ET/PT.

SHARK WEEK, cable’s longest-running event, will feature six premieres this year. Find out if sharks behave any differently during the day than at night; what makes certain areas of the world shark attack “hot spots”; and what still puzzles scientists about the most feared shark of them all — the great white. The week will be rounded out by some of the most popular and memorable programs from past years.

Once again this year, Discovery Channel will educate the public about the plight of sharks around the world through public service announcements produced in conjunction with SHARK WEEK marine conservation partner Ocean Conservancy. The PSAs will air each night during primetime, informing viewers about threats currently facing plummeting shark populations.

Viewers who want to know more about sharks can log on to The robust site will feature:
- Live blogging with marine biologist and Discovery Channel Shark Advisor Andy Dehart
-Exclusive video with a fun video mixer
-Shark Facts in Facebook format (i.e., favorite hangouts, favorite foods)
-Return of Sharkrunners — the critically acclaimed alternate reality game where avid shark fans become conservation-minded shark researchers, managing their own research vessel to collect shark data. They also have the ability to form research communities at the Sharkrunners HQ to undertake joint missions and gain more data — and research dollars.

In its 22nd year, SHARK WEEK remains a huge ratings hit. Last year (2008), SHARK WEEK was watched by 29.1 million viewers, compared with 27.2 million in 2007. Two 2008 premieres earned a place on the list of the top 10 rated SHARK WEEK programs of all time (reported since 1996, based on P2+ Delivery): the MYTHBUSTERS: SHARK SPECIAL and DIRTY JOBS: GREENLAND SHARK QUEST.

In 2001, more than 50 swimmers were attacked off U.S. beaches in what has come to be known as the "Summer of the Shark." SHARKBITE SUMMER returns to the attack sites and uses news footage, interviews with victims, witnesses, surgeons, family members and shark experts to build a picture of what happened that summer. SHARKBITE SUMMER premieres Tuesday, August 4 at 9 PM ET/PT.
We know that sharks are active during the day, but we know little about how sharks behave at night. Armed with infrared heat-sensing cameras and night vision technology, divers descend into the dark abyss on a mission to learn more about shark behavior after the sun goes down. SHARK AFTER DARK premieres Thursday, August 6 at 9 PM ET/PT.

To celebrate the 22nd year of SHARK WEEK, Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is collaborating with FLO TV Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), to bring Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK to its award-winning FLO TV™ live mobile TV service.

FLO TV’s dedicated SHARK WEEK channel is a mobile destination for cable’s longest running programming event, featuring four full-length premiere programs from this year’s network line-up, in addition to popular SHARK WEEK programs featured during previous years. The SHARK WEEK channel will air on the FLO TV service August 1 through August 14.

“We are thrilled to add Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK to FLO TV’s stellar content lineup. Shark fans will be able to watch exciting footage of this television event directly from their mobile device and in stunning clarity,” said Jonathan Barzilay, senior vice president of programming, FLO TV.”

“For 22 years, SHARK WEEK has been a fan favorite and brand defining event for Discovery Channel. By collaborating with FLO TV, we can extend this annual rite of summer to a whole new audience and bring fans another way to enjoy SHARK WEEK with the high-quality mobile viewing experience that FLO TV offers,” said Rebecca Glashow, senior vice president, Digital Media Distribution, Discovery Communications. “The SHARK WEEK Mobile Channel on the FLO TV service is part of our ongoing strategy to provide consumers with the ability to satisfy their curiosity and engage with Discovery’s award-winning content on any platform.”

Programming available on FLO TV’s SHARK WEEK Mobile Channel includes the following:

In this harrowing hour, see what happens when a great white breaks through a 300-pound aluminum shark cage and traps the divers inside; when another tackles a former Navy SEAL in shallow waters in the early evening off St. Petersburg, Florida; and when a bull shark invades a spearfishing trip in the Bahamas. When you’re a visitor in the vast and complex ocean, any day could be the “Day of the Shark.”

One of the most feared predators on earth, the great white shark patrols the shores of more than 50 percent of the world’s inhabited coastlines. And yet, scientists still don’t have accurate data on their population, mating practices, traveling patterns or even what drives their feeding behavior. Former Force Recon Marine Charles Ingram travels the globe with shark experts, seeking out answers to these and additional fascinating questions.

We know that sharks are active and can be quite aggressive during the day, but we know little about what they do at night. Now, armed with the latest in infrared heat-sensing cameras and night vision technology, a team of divers descends into the dark abyss on a mission to learn more about shark behavior after the sun goes down.

This is the definitive account of America's 2001 “Summer of the Shark,” when the ocean's apex predators attacked more than 50 swimmers off U.S. beaches. SHARKBITE SUMMER returns to the attack sites and — using news footage, interviews with victims, witnesses, surgeons, family members and shark experts — builds a clear picture of what happened that summer.

In the last 330 years, there have been only 25 recorded shark attacks in Texas. But 18 of those have happened in the last two decades. It was a summer like any other for the Perez family until the seemingly unthinkable occurred — their youngest son, Aaron, was attacked by a shark. In this hour-long special, Aaron recalls his narrow escape from death and reveals that his actions during the attack were more than instinct, but something he saw on the Discovery Channel just the day before.

Craig Ferreira is South Africa's leading shark expert and has spent his whole life studying and diving with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Now he is bringing his father, wife and kids to remote Dyer Island in treacherous shark-ridden waters off the coast of South Africa — the world famous Shark Alley — where he’ll try to whip his family into a first-rate crew in seven days.

SHARK WEEK airs on Discovery Channel from Sunday, August 2 through Friday, August 7.

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