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Reece Thompson



Reece Daniel Thompson (born 22 November 1988) is a Canadian actor. Thompson started his acting career by voice acting in several animated television series and minor roles on television shows before transitioning to films. His first major role came in the 2007 film Rocket Science. Thompson appeared in 2009's Assassination of a High School President with Mischa Barton and Bruce Willis, and in Afterwards.
Thompson grew up in a small town near Vancouver. His mother ran a film society that brought independent movies to town. Thompson had always expressed an interest in becoming an actor to his parents; and at a young age, Thompson, along with the rest of his family, began taking background roles in productions in Vancouver.
After the sixth grade, Thompson decided that he didn't want to continue going to school and convinced his mother to homeschool him. Soon after Thompson began attending an acting school. Thompson signed with an agent he was introduced to through the school and began attending auditions.
Thompson began his acting career with voice acting roles on animated television series and made small appearances in a few television series. He provided voices on Infinite Ryvius,